Case study: UX / UI design with site development in WordPress

Uta Theile.
Portrait and wedding photographer.
Beauty revealer.

A design studied in all details.

UX UI design

We designed a layout that maximizes the beauty of Utah’s photographs and its personality.

The goal was achieved through the study of the right white spacing between the various graphic elements, while buttons and other graphics were used in a minimal style.

The User Experience is designed to simplify navigation: the various photographic services have been divided and the same division can be found in the galleries. We have transformed the graphics into a totally customized WordPress implementation.

A constantly growing portrait and wedding photographer, determined and with a strong personality. Uta Theile describes her work as follows: “I love to reveal beauty, especially the feminine one: my aim is to show you the most beautiful and intense image you have ever seen of yourself”. Uta asked our team for a site that fully represented her professional evolution. The end result is a site that tells of Uta Theile’s love for photography and professionalism.