Case study: User Experience Design – Web Development – SEO – Logo Design

A new way to explain complex technological services

The importance to show complex content in a simple way.

UX and UI design

The goal of E4 was to transmit information on technologically complex products and services in a simple way to reach even a less technical target. The extreme complexity of the services that the company offers, has always directed E4 to a very technical and not very usable presentation.

Without abandoning the innovative and futuristic theme, we studied a simpler interface that solved the problem through a subdivision of the contents in blocks.

Study of four pictograms
for the four corporate pillars

Always with the aim of giving a visual simplicity and why not also pleasant to the technological services of E4, we have studied 4 graphic symbols to be associated with 4 company pillars.

For stylistic coherence, the soft lines of the E4 logo have been kept as the main feature and the dimensional reference. The horizontal sign of the E4 logo is then repeated in the 4 pillars as a common visual element.