Case study: Restyling of the website with advanced features

New graphics, but above all new structure and new features

Renewed graphics and advanced features

The graphic restyling is undoubtedly the most visible aspect of the new version of the Northfork Bison website, but the main challenge of this project was the work done “behind the scenes”. The reorganization of the site’s functionalities and contents was undoubtedly the main objective of the customer and the reason that led him to a general restyling.

Our development team has therefore removed over 40 plugins, adding only a minimum number to replace them. We have thus obtained a leaner, more functional, and safer system.

All the contents of the site (institutional pages, blog articles, and recipes) have been revised and organized in a more functional and orderly way while keeping the indexing of the previous version intact. The product sheets of the online shop have also been improved from an SEO perspective.

Don’t lose the historical data of e-commerce: a great code challenge

Publishing the new version of the site required meticulous preparation and a lot of effort from our development team. With great teamwork, Black Studio developers have kept all the historical data of the e-commerce (customers, orders, products sold) and minimized the downtime of the site.

Goal achieved and customer satisfied:

“We are very happy with the work that you and your team did.  The execution was carried out in a smooth and timely manner by a group of highly competent professionals.  Given your history of prompt and effective service, this did not come as a surprise to us.  It was a real pleasure working directly with the actual designers and seeing the progress happening in real time.  There were no long pauses between communications and no mystery 3rd party groups in unknown countries.   All in all, it was a very pleasant experience and your entire team should be commended for a job well done!   We look forward to continuing our relationship together for the maintenance of this website as well as for other potential, web-related projects in the future”.