Case study: Logo restyling and corporate identity

Power, speed, precision:
an Italian success story

Graphic and structural restyling
to keep up with the times.

Web Development

DMS was born in 2007 from the idea of two young brothers who are passionate about mechanics and engineering. Immediately on the web, always looking for superior quality, not only for the construction of their equipment, but also for their corporate communication.

For the graphic restyling of their website we have revisited the navigation structure with a new categorization of the equipment. Despite the multitude of products, site navigation is made intuitive thanks to the integration of a mega-menu with preview, which makes the selection of the product to be explored intuitive.

The concepts of “mechanics” and “engineering” packed
into a simple, striking pictogram.

Corporate identity

Same values, new visual identity. After a few years from the design, even the most tested of logos may need a restyling. For this reason, on the occasion of the launch of the new website, we have designed a new visual identity for DMS.

The goal we have set for ourselves? Make the DMS image in line with current graphic trends, also solving some technical problems of the previous version.

Here’s how we did it:

  • we redesigned the pictogram, giving it a symmetrical and defined geometric structure
  • we have optimized the distribution of spaces in the lettering
  • we have balanced the elements of the brand with each other

The redesign we made for DMS allowed us to build the basis for a more sophisticated, recognizable and modern style corporate image. Like their products.