Logo design and website development

Linear and recognizable brand identity built around Erica’s personality

The analysis of the objectives

Erica Benini is a young architect engineer specializing in wooden structures and bio-architecture. In her projects, she uses natural materials and has a holistic approach to the quality of living.
The objective of the image, whose studio Erica has entrusted to Black Studio, is to transmit her values and the commitment that she instills with seriousness and professionalism in working, addressing above all young couples who want to build or renovate, but also to technicians and entrepreneurs who are particularly attentive to the use of natural and sustainable materials.

The brand combines the letters “e” “b” in a design with a technical and elegant flavor, with colors that recall the materials she uses for her projects.

Black Studio has designed a recognizable brand without “imposing” itself by force, like Erica Benini’s bio-architecture buildings, ecological and respectful of the environment in which they come to life.

A modern website, which follows the rules of Erica Benini’s brand identity.

After defining the colors and style of the brand, they also guided the design of the site. A modern design with simple and original graphic features that make it pleasant to navigate and clear in the organization of the contents.