Get the right visitor to your website!

Web Marketing and
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A good positioning in search engines is never the result of chance, but of a job well done.

Our goal is to improve the visibility of a website towards people who are looking for information or products that the site is able to offer.

We drive as much targeted traffic as possible, in the most economical way possible. The traffic of a website is not, in fact, made up only of numbers. The really important parameter is the “quality” of the traffic, not its absolute value.

It is important that visitors who come to your website are currently looking for your products and services.

The work we do is essentially divided into 4 phases:

  1. Keyword Analysis
  2. Site optimization
  3. Submit your site to major search engine
  4. Site optimization maintenance

Keyword Analysis

It is the most important part and consists in identifying the keywords and phrases that correctly describe the website. Following an in-depth analysis with the Client to define the most interesting keywords, we determine the total number of searches involving a specific phrase or keyword on a monthly basis, we analyze the competitors and establish whether this phrase or keyword actually constitutes a potential target for the customer campaign. This type of operation generates the final list of keywords and phrases to be used for site optimization.

Site optimization

Once we have determined the keywords and phrases to use, we begin the optimization of the website. This is a very important step, in which we work closely with the client to create perfectly optimized content, able to offer good performance in search engines.

Submit your site to major search engines

Una volta terminata l’ottimizzazione segnaliamo manualmente le pagine del sito ai principali motori di ricerca e predisponiamo le tecnologie accessorie come la Sitemap. Non utilizziamo sistemi automatizzati perchè spesso tali sistemi ottengono il risultato opposto a quello desiderato: provocano l’inclusione del sito web in black list di siti spammer.

Monitoring and fine-tuning

Once the reporting phase of the site to the main search engines is complete, we carry out a close monitoring to verify the search results and make the necessary corrections to ensure adequate visibility. Search engines constantly change their indexing algorithms, so it is important to adapt to these changes to ensure that your ranking is not negatively affected.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform for displaying sponsored ads in search engine results.

Ads (text, images and video) are set up to reach a particular target based on the keywords of the search results.

The creation, management and optimization of pay per click campaigns is carried out by our certified Google Ads consultants.