Managed hosting

Why choose managed
WordPress hosting

With many years of experience in hosting management on our infrastructure, we are able to offer answers and solutions to a wide range of needs.

All our customers’ websites are configured with periodic, fully automatic updates and backups. In case of need, our technicians respond quickly and with the highest priority.

Choosing a managed WordPress hosting is a good investment in the long term, because it allows you to have our technical support and to take advantage of the best configurations and optimizations.

Furthermore, safety is a priority on which we work with great attention. Our hosting also includes the SSL certificate, protection systems and attack monitoring.

Black Studio offers Managed Hosting services for WordPress websites
For each site we provide the following services:

Domain registration
Web hosting
Hardware configuration optimized for WordPress
Daily, weekly, monthly backup
WordPress Cores, Plugins and Thems updates
Technical support by phone, email and Skype