Case study: Rebranding + website restyling Magnani srl

A new visual identity
to reflect the company’s value

The logo analysis reveals the need to renew an outdated style

The quality of the services offered by the company and the evolution it has had over the years, has brought out the need for a new image, capable of adequately representing the corporate value. The thin lines of the previous logo did not make it recognizable when reproduced in a reduced version. Furthermore, the logo was very small compared to the overall structure of the brand.

The design problems of the old logo made us opt for a complete rebranding work.

From the shapes of the previous logo, to a brand new monogram.

The monogram, or lettermark, is a logo based on the combination of the initials of the brand which, reworked, characterize it in a unique and original way.

Magnani is the solution for companies and PA. The new logo visually conveys this concept.

The brand colors have been reduced to oly two, orange and black, creating a strong combination. The selected font is a mix between classic and modern, with barely hinted graces and soft lines. Both vertical and horizontal versions makes the Magnani logo versatile for any use.

We followed the same design rules for the UI/UX of the new site

Thanks to the study of the new visual image, the interface of the site took shape in the same way, following the modern graphic trends. The structure has also been redesigned to give greater prominence to the presentation of services, divided by sector.