Case study: brand identity + e-commcerce site design and development

A single brand
for two historical companies

Connections intended to be special


The new brand combines two existing historical realities, the Gavasseto dairy and the Roncadella dairy. The design aims to convey concepts related to the historicity of the product, agricultural work and the Emilian tradition.

The concept is based on the choice of synthesizing an emblem, a seal, a quality stamp in the logo. Tradition and guarantee.

This is why we have chosen to develop the logo in a circular form. A seal that recalls the shape of Parmigiano Reggiano and the processing boilers. In addition, in the logo, we have included the representation of the wooden rod used by the cheesemakers to support the forms after cooking.

Within the pictogram, we have inserted the initials of the two dairies, G and R, in an intertwining that strengthens the concept of the link between the two historical realities.

The website: direct and immediate access to e-commerce features.

UX/UI design

The aim of the website design is to immediately show visitors, in a clear way, the products that the user can buy online. The navigation interface is simple, but not trivial. A clean design that respects the color palette used for the design of the brand.