Case study: E-commerce development on provided graphics

E-commerce development
with customized experience
for the website

E-commerce system with personalized shopping

The Bonza website project aligns with our goal of providing both intuitive and effective digital solutions.

We have developed an e-commerce platform on WooCommerce, focused on selling vegan dog food. However, it goes beyond a standard e-commerce site: allows customers to customize purchases through a subscription system, designed to adapt to the specific needs of each animal.

The graphic design was carried out in collaboration with, while the marketing strategy was developed in partnership with

Personalization and User Experience to engages users

The website offers a dynamic form that guides customers through a series of detailed questions about their dog, such as name, age, weight, and other specifics.

This data collection method serves two main purposes: it enhances the user experience and provides an accurate calculation of the dog’s energy needs. Based on this information, customers can schedule product shipments so that their dog never runs out of food.

Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions

We’ve implemented the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin to automate the management of customized subscriptions. After gathering the required data from the dynamic form, the plugin determines the shipment frequency based on the dog’s daily energy consumption. This makes the purchasing process smooth and hassle-free for the customer. With this system, customers receive a consistent and tailored service, eliminating the need for repeated orders.

Results and successes of a customized project demonstrates how a well-structured e-commerce site can extend its value beyond a simple commercial transaction, by providing a customized service that considers the individual needs of each customer.

This methodology has helped to improve both conversion rates and consumer satisfaction (and that of their dogs!), highlighting the importance of a design focused on user experience.